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Our Celebrated Kid Chefs Just Keep Getting Younger

Megan Garringer. The next Brooke Williamson?
Megan Garringer. The next Brooke Williamson? Photo: Megan’s World of Food

First there was teen-chef Flynn McGarry making a splash in the kitchen. Then came a 12-year-old threatening to cook your dinner at Chez Melange. And just when we thought an impending television show called Junior MasterChef would launch this whole questionable phenomenon over shark-saturated waters, a report strikes that there’s an even newer, younger chef now making waves. Hermosa Beach’s eleven-year-old Megan Garringer gets her big break today, beaming in the pages of L.A. Daily News. The little imp not only makes a mean pork shoulder, we’re told, but has also been keeping her own restaurant and food blog called Megan’s World of Food since she was eight!

Garringer dictates her restaurant reviews to her daddy after writing them out in long-hand, and like some of L.A.’s own professional restaurant critics, gives just about everything a great review.

In fact, in a post that’s already more stirring than scores of amateur online food writers, the tween describes her last dish at M.B. Post by writing, “The bacon was cooked to a crispy, dissolving state, and worked in unison with the crunchy dough to create what was probably the best biscuit I have ever had.” Look out, Jonathan Gold!

Also sharing a lot in common with the aspiring food personalities of today, Meghan would ultimately like to get on T.V. with her own food show someday. Refreshingly, she shares no current plans to pop up with Jon and Vinny in Aspen or hit Pebble Beach Food & Wine to work as Dominique Crenn’s sous chef.

But what this more likely does show is that youth is still an asset to edge out your competitors in L.A. Sorry Flynn! There’s a new kid in town.

Our Celebrated Kid Chefs Just Keep Getting Younger