When The Music’s Over: Key Club Closing on Sunset

Key Club
Key Club Photo: Nancy Says/Flickr

Key Club rallied after its temporary closure in 2009, right around the time writers were ringing a death knell for The Sunset Strip’s relevance in the world of rock. Now the fifteen-year-old club, which re-emerged in 2010 as a pay-for-play live music venue, is finally packing it in. LAist spies the shutter coming on March 15, at which point Operations Manager Ian Shepp says a new project will take over in the next few months.

Key Club’s space, which was previously Gazzarri’s and Billboard Live, fostered a large number of popular live acts in their early days, including The Doors, Van Halen, and Guns n’ Roses. Key Club is survived by a scant scatter of neighboring rock clubs like The Rainbow, The Whiskey, Viper Room, and The Roxy on a stretch that recently opened its arms to engaging new restaurants like Gorge, Night + Market, and Eveleigh.

Silenced On the Sunset Strip: The Key Club Is Closing [LAist]

When The Music’s Over: Key Club Closing on Sunset