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Does Jen Carroll’s ‘Guest Sandwich’ for American Sardine Bar Mean She’s Bagging Plans for a New York Restaurant?

Jennifer Carroll
Jennifer Carroll Photo: Collin Keefe

Sandwich evangelist Scott Schroeder took to the twittersphere earlier today to announce the next entry in American Sardine Bar’s ongoing guest sandwich series, and it looks like this month’s submission comes from none other than Jen Carroll. Perhaps this news lends some validity to the blind item Eater floated earlier this week that had Carroll parting ways with backers of her forthcoming, Manhattan-based restaurant. It’s not such a stretch; she told us last year that funding for Concrete Blonde, the small-plates seafooder she originally had planned for Center City, fell apart over unspecified differences between she and her investors. Since the ambitious blonde, whose celebrity status skyrocketed with her appearances on Top Chef rarely returns our phone calls, we can neither confirm nor refute that rumor.

What we do know, the sandwich that she came up with for American Sardine Bar is a deep fried beauty that’s stuffed with homemade pimento cheese, roasted chicken, and pickled green tomatoes before it’s battered and sent off for a hot dip in the Fryolator. It’s on now, and will be served through the end of the month.


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Does Jen Carroll’s ‘Guest Sandwich’ for American Sardine Bar