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In-N-Out Continues To Be The Shadiest Fast Food Restaurant On Earth

Muhahahaaa! Photo: Aaron Friedman/Flickr

Seriously, the more we learn about the California burger chain, the deeper the mystery plunges. First it was the secret menus. Then it was the Bible verses being whispered on the bottom of the chain’s paper cups. Weeks ago, we learned that the business was being run by a 30-year-old press-juking, race car driving billionairess. The latest in the brand’s obfuscation? Somebody apparently scrubbed away all the answers from a Reddit Q&A; in which an In-N-Out cook answered questions about the company’s turnover rate and resisting the temptation to spit in customers’ food. Daily Meal reports that the questions still remain on the post, but every answer, even the most innocent, are now missing.

In-N-Out’s V.P. denies that anyone within the company was responsible, and Reddit pins the missing evidence on the actual employee. Of course, what we’re probably not privy to is the secret meeting between the cook and the chain’s shadowy legion of doom in which the burger empire’s hidden dungeon was threatened if he divulged any more free-thoughts about this tightly controlled, punishment-prone brand.

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In-N-Out Continues To Be The Shadiest Fast Food Restaurant On Earth