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‘Holly Eats’ Downgrades Pat’s Stingy, Gristly Steaks

Just ain't what it used to be.
Just ain’t what it used to be.

In the biggest upset since Craig LaBan dinged Le Bec Fin of two of its bells, OG food blogger Holly Moore has downgraded Pat’s Steaks from five grease stains down to four. What’s more, one of those stains, he tweeted earlier this week, was awarded solely for the history of the cheesesteak shrine. So, in terms of quality and taste, the mother of all cheesesteaks has lost considerable ground. “Last couple of visits got gristle in my steaks, and the meat to bun ratio is getting stingy. Also a cheesesteak now costs $9.50, which is really pushing it,” Moore wrote.

Back in January, Grub took a lot of flack for suggesting the cheesesteak’s popularity was waning, and that underdog, the roast pork sandwich, was quickly rising to take its place at the top. Perhaps we weren’t too far off the mark. Only time will tell.

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‘Holly Eats’ Downgrades Pat’s Stingy, Gristly Steaks