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Bamboo Izakaya Starts Early Happy Hour

Yakitori at Bamboo
Yakitori at Bamboo Photo: Bamboo

Bamboo, the new Santa Monica izakaya on Ocean Avenue, started a new small plates happy hour this week. And praise be to Orochi, it’s a long one. Happy hour begins every day at 2:30 P.M., stretching three hours to 5:30 P.M. During this time, cocktails and dishes will be only served on the patio and in the bar area, featuring mixed drinks like a “Giddy Geisha” and “Sumokaze” discounted to six-dollars and small plates like a nigiri set and skewer combo for just ten bucks, in addition to sake, wine, and other snacks. See the full menu below of food and drinks offered during Bamboo’s new happy hour below.

Happy Hour at Bamboo Izakaya
Sunday through Saturday 2:30-5:30 P.M.


Red Lantern Cocktail $6 (Normally $10)
Giddy Geisha $6 (Normally $12)
Sumokaze $6 (Normally $12)

Any Masu $5 off (Normally $18-42)
Ozumo “Trapeza” Ochoko $6 (Normally $8)

New Harbor Sauvignon Blanc, Casillerio Diablo Chardonnay, Once Upon A Vine Red Blend, Hayman and Hill Cabernet Sauvignon $7 (Normally $9)

Menu Selections
Megamame Edamame $5 (Normally $8)
Tempura Mix $5 (Normally $7.50)
Skewer Combo $10 (Normally $15.50)
Nigiri Set $10 (Normally $13)
Kara Age $5.50 (Normally $8)
Veggie Skewers $7 (Normally $9.50)
Maki Set $9 (Normally $12)

Bamboo Izakaya Starts Early Happy Hour