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Guelaguetza Gets Inked

New mural by Colectivo LaPiztola
New mural by Colectivo LaPiztola Photo: Javier Cabral

Guelaguetza, our city’s ambassador of Oaxacan flavor, is now illustrated with two massive murals. Fernando and Bricia Lopez, the brother and sister scions of the family behind the restaurant, recently commissioned Colectivo LaPiztola, another dynamic duo** representing Oaxaca that emerged as a force from the raging 2006 conflict over police brutality and government corruption in that state. The two artists, who lay down highly detailed screen patterns and stencils of real citizens and their surroundings, finished endowing the restaurant’s outer walls with the two large murals this week, marking their first such appearance in L.A.

By Colectivo LaPiztola

Tonight at the restaurant, a Oaxaca-focused art show will begin at 7:00 P.M., featuring the work of LaPiztola and Mezcalistas photographer Susan Cross, who will debut work documenting her “mezcal adventures.” The night will also see the U.S. premier of San Cristobal Lachirioag’s Mezcal Tosba.

RSVP via email to experience this night of artistic Oaxacan offerings at Guelaguetza tonight.

**A correction has been made to this story, as we earlier reported that the artists are brother and sister, when in fact they are not related.

Guelaguetza Gets Inked