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Watch Gordon Ramsay Become Even Sleazier

Photo: Men’s Journal

Just when you thought the guy couldn’t get any more offensive or annoying, he’s the subject of a 5,974-word monster of a profile in Men’s Journal. The chef reality-television star boasts about stealing his own restaurant’s reservation book and blaming one-time mentor Marco Pierre White to generate public sympathy (“It was worth it”). He complains about his daddy issues, both with his father and stepfather, and calls the latter “dead weight.” He accuses Frank Bruni of having the hots for his French maître d’ when he gave Gordon Ramsay at the London two stars. He takes pride that he wooed his now-wife Tana when she was still his mate’s girlfriend and addresses affair allegations by saying: “If I ever fucked up, she’d have my balls in a vise and turn them into a fucking crêpe suzette thinner than the frilliest knickers Paris Hilton’s ever worn. She’d turn my ballbag into a doily.” That’s not all — there’s a video.

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Gordon Ramsay & the Damage Done [Men’s Journal]

Watch Gordon Ramsay Become Even Sleazier