What to Eat at Goldie’s, Now Open on Third Street

Goldie’s Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Nick Mathers, one third of the Aussie outfit behind Ruby’s, Kingswood, and Dudley’s in New York and Eveleigh in West Hollywood, opened Goldie’s last week on Third Street. The feel of an Outback hideaway is prodded along by a heaping lot of reclaimed wood, stacked in logs from the partially tiled floor to the exposed rafters, covering the wall alongside a tattered tapestry, topping the numbered tables, and bearing the weight of wine and liquor bottles sitting in open racks. A stirring centerpiece involves a retractable door opening to a garden patio. So, what’s for lunch here?

Thomas Lim’s kitchen, which embraces the same hand-crafted and humane practices as Eveleigh espouses, pivots on a wood and coal-burning oven for farm-and-ranch-labeled dishes described as “Modern Cal-cuisine,” currently available over breakfast (where the chef makes his own yogurt for Muesli) and lunch (with handcut tagliatelle, bacon-braised kale flatbreads, salads, small plates, and three mains), with a dinner selection on its way.

Eater reports that the bar program is being run by ink. vet Brittini Rae Peterson, with beer and cocktails joined by cider on tap, bio-dynamic wines, Handsome Coffee, and maybe eventually, an in-house juice program.

The idea is to keep the menu and space comfortable, approachable, and casual, with a commitment to pristine product and sustainable food. Check out Goldie’s full current menu below.

Goldie’s, 8422 W. 3rd St. West Hollywood; 323-677-2470.

Goldie’s, Open Today on 3rd, is More Than a Pretty Face [Eater]


Small Dishes

Avocado on Toast $8
Wood-grilled bread, smoked chili flakes, lemon

Grilled Baby Leeks $9
Taleggio fonduta, mustard seeds, crispy onions

Butter Roasted Carrots $10
Windrose carrots, Goldie’s buttermilk, pistachios

Steak Tartare $12
Boulder Valley skirt steak, mustard, apple, potato chips

Burrata $10
Char grilled watermelon, Sabrina’s Choice olive oil


Chicken Salad $14
Confit chicken, chicken skin, creme fraiche, chives, celery, cucumber, Bloomsdale spinach

Kale Salad $12
Mixed kale, green tomato, Granny Smith apple, toasted sesame, pickled onions

Diver Scallops $18
Kohlrabi, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, cucumber


Honey, rosemary, ricotta $8

Caramelized onion, pork belly, parsley $12

Bacon braised kale, creme fraiche $12


Pasta $16
Hand cut tagliatelle, Dungeness crab, tarragon, lemon

Meat $20
Boulder Valley top sirloin, caramelized apples, Shear Rocks greens

Fish $18
Black bass, zucchini flowers, white onion, mizuna

What to Eat at Goldie’s, Now Open on Third Street