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Taco-Craving Masses Upset That They Didn’t Actually Get Taco Bell’s New Doritos Taco a Day Early

Not so cool now.
Not so cool now. Photo: Taco Bell

Like all things in life, Doritos Tacos can be an emotionally fraught battlefield strewn with shattered dreams and crushed hopes. You see, Taco Bell thought it would do a nice thing and announced that its new Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos would be available a day early at “participating locations.” This caused a stampede of fans rushing to their nearest location, then lashing out at the company on Facebook when the stores didn’t have the tacos available. Among the more than 92,000 “Likes” the new tacos are already generating are comments like, “Major communication break down Taco Bell,” “Total BS,” and “pretty EPIC FAIL on Taco Bell’s part.” [CBS]

Oh, you know the type.

It’s the same kind of nerd that focuses their attention on President Obama’s “Jedi mind-meld” gaffe when the country’s on the brink of economic apocalypse. The type that argues whether 7-11’s promotional Marvel Comics glasses were cooler than Arby’s Pac-Man tumblers. It’s the kind of guy that that runs a Taco Bell Fan Club website.

It’s undoubtedly the kind of fast food addict that can’t already sort of figure out what the merging of Cool Ranch dust and a cheap gringo taco might taste like and can’t wait to find out. And in every single case, it’s the person who has to actually be reminded to pick up the telephone and call Taco Bell before making a run for the border.

You really can’t pin this one on The Bell, guys. But for those who tried, there’s always tomorrow when the Cool Ranch Doritos Loco Taco makes its official debut.

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Taco-Craving Masses Upset That They Didn’t Actually Get Taco Bell’s