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Eat Well: Sunchokes at Montmartre, Jamon at Le Philosophe, and Yuji Ramen

Jamon Iberico is Spanish, but it's on Le Philosophe's French menu.
Jamon Iberico is Spanish, but it’s on Le Philosophe’s French menu. Photo: Wyatt, Rawdon/Corbis

If you spent your St. Paddy’s Day eating bright green food and cocktails, it’s time go green … in a different way. This week, try inadvertently healthy fare from a former Momofuku chef, or the food at Clarkson, a brand-new restaurant on Varick Street. You’ll get to try a new place while enjoying good food that happens to be good for you — plus both menus are super-vegetarian-friendly.

Monday, March 18: Eat Pop-up Ramen
Quick, while there’s still a chill in the air: Get a bowl of Yuji Haraguchi’s non-junky, seafood-focused ramen (you might know it from Smorgasburg) at the Bowery Whole Foods. Haraguchi is making his restorative broths with the reliably high-quality bones from the Whole Foods butcher counter.

Tuesday, March 19: Celebrate the Return of Kevin’s
This Red Hook restaurant just reopened post-Sandy — go show your support and get yourself a healthy meal in the process. A tomato-based shrimp and corn chowder garnished with scallions is loaded with antioxidants (cooked tomato and raw scallions are two of the most nutrient-filled veggies), while grilled scallops come with omega-3-rich avocado and greens.

Wednesday, March 20: Try Endive and Anchovies at Montmartre
Momofuku alum Tien Ho probably isn’t aiming to make health food, but he’s accidentally nailed it with a few dishes on this menu. Try the superfood-loaded sunchokes ‘bagna cauda,’ with parsley, endive, walnuts, and anchovies; and the broccoli, which has been cooked with chicken fat for optimal nutrient absorption.

Thursday, March 21: Go Retro at Clarkson
The menu at this new Soho spot includes shaved raw Brussels sprouts, roasted red beets, and a whole grilled trout. This spacious restaurant is great for groups.

Friday, March 22: Order Ham at Le Philosophe
You made it to Friday; treat yourself to an early start to the weekend with lunch at Le Philosophe on Bond Street. Roasted hake comes with jamon iberico, which has healthier-than-usual fats thanks to the pigs’ acorn diet, and the whole-grain cranberry bean ragout.

Kate Lowenstein is the senior features editor at Health magazine

Eat Well: Sunchokes at Montmartre, Jamon at Le Philosophe, and Yuji Ramen