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DJ Cut Chemist Subsists On Juice, Makes His Own Sushi

Cut Chemist at Mambo's in Burbank
Cut Chemist at Mambo’s in Burbank Photo: Javier Cabral

Lucas Macfadden—Cut Chemist to his audiophile admirers—established his place among L.A.’s most respected hip-hop deejays after forming the influential West Coast crew Jurassic 5 and laying down beats as a member of Ozomatli. Next month, this scientist of sampling will band together with J5 again to help headline the opening night of Coachella, which he’s hoping won’t push him to relapse into some of the bad eating habits of his touring days. “I was raised on red meat and sugar, then fast food off the tour bus. My diet was just bad. So, I’m trying to get healthier, get my mind, body, and spirit to be symbiotically working together.” Grub Street sat down with Cut Chemist this week to see how the new regimen is going in today’s L.A. Diet.

Wednesday, February 27
I just ended a seven day master -leanse. Which is no food; just cayenne pepper, lemon, and maple syrup. Tea basically. I did some some hot water with sea salt to flush out my system along with that. I quit eating red meat and pork a while ago, and try to do no carbs, no dairy, no sugar, and it makes a difference in how I perform and do my job. You know, to compete in the music industry with all those nineteen-year-olds.

Everyday I start with an ounce of some blue green algae stuff named BrainOn. I was told that it’s best before eleven because of the sun, because your digestive tract is related to the position of the sun. After eleven your digestion goes through a different phase and doesn’t absorb as much. I chased that that down with some freshly squeezed orange juice.

Later on, in the afternoon I had a juice: carrot, celery, parsley, cilantro, alkaline water, lemon, apple cider vinegar, and ginger powder. It was really island-y; it would make a great mojito. I had two servings and after that, was done for the night. It was the first time I ever did apple cider vinegar, and damn, it was doing huge things. Like, I got little achy inside. It was fixing things in there.

Thursday, February 28
I had my blue green algae, before eleven, of course. And then at around 1:00 P.M., I did a smoothie: strawberry, banana, blueberry, kale, spinach, raw sunflower seeds, and frozen acai. That was pretty damn good. The raw sunflower seeds really added a certain sustenance that I’m not used to in a smoothie. I learned to do that from one of my emcee partners, Hymnal. He puts sunflower seeds in his smoothie and that’s a completely different ball game. That smoothie took me out all day, just that smoothie.

Friday, March 1
I upped the ante on the fresh squeezed orange juice this morning. I didn’t have blue green algae for whatever reason. But I had orange, tangerine, and grapefruit, fresh squeezed.

Later that night, I was in Venice sound-mixing. My engineer Benjamin Tierney is a raw foods enthusiast. When we mix records, we juice and he’ll make raw salads, sometimes he’ll add fish. I never had that before, because usually you are in a studio and just order takeout Thai food and sit there on the computer all day. But it’s like ‘Nah man! It’s not like that, let’s go out and get some fresh produce!’ You come out feeling good and sounding good after that.

We decided to make some homemade sushi and went to Mitsuwa, got some sushi-grade fish. That was fun, you know, it was different.

Saturday, March 2
I started with just a “mono juice;” carrot only. Just to switch it up a little bit, because sometimes it’s good to do just one item, they call it a mono.

Later that day, Benjamin did a spring mixed greens salad with dill and Thai basil, sprouted lentils with garlic tahini, and a celery-cilantro carrot salsa made with a NutriBullet. With raw, sprouted buckwheat crackers. That was nice.

Sunday, March 3
I started with the blue green algae. I went to go mix and Benjamin told me about this drink called the “Lush Meadow” at Local 1205 on Abbot Kinney in Venice. It’s a ten-dollar cold pressed juice made out of kale, fresh-pressed turmeric, parsley, cucumber, celery, and green apple. It was awesome. After the first sip I had, I was ready to go. That shit was special man.

Monday, March 4
I went to go see my friend, Johnny Nixon. Johnny used to own a club called Star Shoes in Hollywood and I used to do an unannounced residency called “Funky Sole” with him. Johnny recently got into the wheatgrass game. He started farming wheatgrass and barley grass and started a company called “We Eat Grass.”

I visited him in Glendora and he juiced me up with some barley grass; it’s different and not as throw-up-inducing-sweet as wheatgrass, more bitter. I like it better. He made me another juice as a chaser: carrot beet, celery and cucumber. And then he gave me a little care package filled with things like his raw sunflower seed-green onion-sea salt spread. You don’t even need to put it on anything, that shit was packed full of protein.

That was all it needed. I put it on a stick of celery. He makes all his own condiments. It’s a shame I couldn’t hang out more in Glendora though. I can smell the the thrift stores filled with dope records.

DJ Cut Chemist Subsists On Juice, Makes His Own Sushi