The 17 Craziest Foods Found at Natural Products Expo West 2013
White girls need salsa too

Every year the Natural Products Expo West takes over Anaheim Convention Center, opening the doors to co-op owners and other businesses that cater to devotees of the natural lifestyle movement. EIt appears that no product is safe from a natural makeover here, including skin creams, dog food, and condoms, in addition to the seventeen edible curios we sussed out right here. So, will White Girl Salsa, pre-natal Gatorade, and bee-less honey become the raging trends of the future? Look on and decide for yourself which of these products are keepers and which you could live without in our slideshow look back at the seventeen craziest foods and fads we found yesterday at Expo West.

You asked and they…Oh wait, no you didn’t.
Finally, vegans can get in on the sweetness they shun with a honey made from apples.
Cuz like, green tea, is SO hot right now.
It’s actually called “Perinatural.”
Still scared shitless of Homeboy Salsa.
From a company named Intelligent Protein Snacks.
One Drop natural iced Jamaican coffee.
One of which is named for a Grateful Dead song.
Laced with capsicum for flavors like mango chili and grapefruit cayenne.
Okay, we really liked this.
So do you drink it or cook with it or both or neither?
Finding its way into chocolate and exotic oils.
With its new blueberry and chocolate muffins.
Here’s a form that’s meant to be brewed hot at home.
Intended for pies, pastries, and bread.
At times it seemed like the convention center was simming in such “vegan elixirs.”
The 17 Craziest Foods Found at Natural Products Expo West 2013