Juice: How Far Will You Go To Get It?

The Churchill Squeezes The Juice Trend

Bruce Kalman and Clover connecting over four courses
Bruce Kalman and Clover connecting over four courses Photo: Michael Jackson

Judging from the number of new shops opening up to sell the stuff, cold-pressed fresh juice is apparently all the rage these days. Now new Clover Juice Bar, which just debuted its first location in January, is teaming up with The Churchill to ring the rinds clean with a series of juice-pairing dinners. Sadly, we’re not talking about fermented juice here, but the good-for-you stuff that some people are even attempting to live off of these days. On Monday, March 11, Clover is opening a takeaway-only outpost at the West 3rd Street restaurant, serving vegan and gluten-free pastries, Stumptown coffee, and smoothies along with their nectars from 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. daily. But that’s not all, folks.

From March 19 to 22, Churchill chef Bruce Kalman will offer four juice-pairing dinners, serving a $45 four-course meal with each dish paired to a Clover elixir. But wait? Aren’t whatever merits are intrinsic to ginger snap juice sort of canceled out by the fatty pleasures of lamb bacon? Probably. Better to consult your Oprah-approved nutritionist. before making reservations. If it helps, we have Kalmna’s full menu for you two to hash out below.

March 19-22

1st Course

Clover Carrot Apple Juice
Seared sea scallop, maitake mushrooms, English peas, glazed nantes carrots

2nd Course
Clover Ginger Snap Juice
Maggie’s Farm greens, lamb bacon, preserved meyer lemon, shaved baby artichokes, parmigiano reggiano cheese

3rd Course
Clover Go
Big Juice
Paso prime grass fed hanger steak, gnocchi alla romana, crispy Tuscan kale, roasted beet butter

4th Course
Triple Citrus and Dandelion Juice sorbet

The Churchill Squeezes The Juice Trend