The 12 Best Dishes Served at PPLA Food Fare 2013
The Hart and The Hunter’s talk of the town

Last night, Planned Parenthood L.A. held its 34th Food Fare fundraiser, L.A.’s oldest tasting event with origins tracing back to a 1979 culinary demo with Julia Child. The occasion consistently brings great chefs and restaurants to Santa Monica Civic Auditorium as impassioned supporters and longtime advocates rally for a great cause. This was a great chance to rub elbows with some of the city’s best chefs and current hot-spots, as familiar faces like Celestino Drago, Alain Giraud, Joe Miller, and Loteria’s Jimmy Shaw served aside restaurants like Hart & The Hunter, Salt’s Cure, D’Cache, The Tripel, Sotto, and Tar & Roses, among the many, and The Beer Chicks helped everyone get a slight swerve on with a curated assortment of great local breweries. Take a look at some of the dishes that really spoke to us last night in our slide show look back at PPLA’s 2013 Food Fare.

Held last night at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium.
Brooke Williamson offered her marinated anchovy bruschetta with white beans and wheat beer-braised fennel, along with awesome lamb meatballs in piquillo sauce.
Had their butter biscuits on hand, which have been the talk of the town as of late.
Served crispy fried pig tails with Sriracha, honey, and cilantro.
The Toluca Lake Basque restaurant recently took a retooling from chef Phillp Frankland Lee, who offered blackened tricolor cauliflower on a white cauliflower puree and onion soubise with pistachios and cauliflower chips.
Had octopus with burrata, salsa verde, and sunflower seeds.
Chef at Ray’s and Stark Bar
Greg Daniels prepared a floral pea soup that was as pretty as it was delicious.
Mariah Swan got the party started with her signature boozy milkshakes.
Jason Neroni had full-size portions of his fried chicken, which many people were too stuffed to conquer by the time they got to his booth.
Joe Miller’s tapas bar prepared Valencian fideua in a traditional paella pan. 
Grilled cheese with beef and Tillamook .
This upscale waffles with confit chicken was cold by the time we got around to it, but we appreciated the effort and love owner Duane Martin enough on Real Husbands of Hollywood that we couldn’t help but love it.
Jimmy Shaw’s gang featured tacos with swordfish al pastor.
The 12 Best Dishes Served at PPLA Food Fare 2013