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Dude Food and Coke Freestyle Coming to Abbot Kinney’s Belly Up

Belly Up!
Belly Up! Photo: Yo! Venice!

Belly Up, the Southern-slanted sandwich shop coming into the bygone home of Glencrest BBQ on Abbot Kinney at the end of April, is slated to serve the trendy street with a gut-busting selection of down-home “dude food.” Adding another country-fied concept to Venice on the heels of Willie Jane’s opening, Yo! Venice! offers a few previews of what to expect here. Taste on Melrose chef Paul Mojica will do both the cooking and managing at the small space, serving up the restaurant’s signature of slow-cooked pork belly with housemade slaw and sauce on a brioche roll.

Belly Up will also feature sandwiches with 12-hour smoked brisket and deep fried pickles, and is working on potential items like a veggie sloppy joe, a chorizo sandwich topped with fried egg, and meatball and chicken parms, grilled cheeses with and without meat, and a poutine plate with tater tots, brisket, and proprietary cheese gravy. Co-owner Jon Swire is very excited to bring Venice its first Coke Freestyle, which allows over 100 soda combinations. Price point should be $8.95 and less for sandwiches.

The Belly Up Sandwich Shop to Open in April [Yo! Venice!]

Dude Food and Coke Freestyle Coming to Abbot Kinney’s Belly Up