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Amy Poehler Meets Up With Dad At Madeo; Too $hort And Peter Murphy Busted For Meth-y DUIs

Peter Murphy, burning from the inside
Peter Murphy, burning from the inside Photo: Alterna2/Flickr

You successfully navigated Saint Patrick’s Day’s warren of sobriety traps and green-faced rookies spilling from the sidewalk, just to watch a couple of your musical heroes go down in flames tipping on four wheels. On Tuesday, Peter Murphy of Bauhaus got popped for a DUI after schmacking into another car in Glendale and fleeing the scene. Shortly following his arrest, Murphy may have also tried to hide meth in the cop car. Also losing a grip on his street smarts this week was Too Short.

The Yay Area M.C. caught his own dewey just hours later in Hollywood. After LAPD blew the whistle Short Dog’s way, he tried fleeing on foot, a sprint that lasted about five seconds. Sharing something in common with Peter Murphy for the first time in his life, Short is also accused of trying to stash some form of meth in the cop cruiser.

Are L.A. cop cars suddenly dirtier than their drivers? Might the meth just be Peter Murphy’s? And are these two talented tweakers ever going to collaborate?

While we interrogate the Magic 8 Ball on the arrival date of the world’s first emo-hyphy double-live album, look ahead to see where else celebrities were dining, drinking, and ditching their damned minds this week.

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Madeo: Amy Poehler took her dad out for dinner. [Celebrity Gossip]

Marino: The real Slim Shady bundled up in his hoody to avoid questions about Lil’ Wayne. [TMZ]

Vignette Lounge: Ashley Greene and Ryan Phillippe made a getaway from this West Hollywood haunt on Wednesday night. Today, tragedy struck at the actresses’ condo. [BT]

Amy Poehler Meets Up With Dad At Madeo; Too $hort And Peter Murphy Busted For