Wildcraft Sourdough Pizza Opens Monday in Culver City

A look inside
A look inside Photo: Wildcraft

Culver City’s rise to prominence finds it with a lopsided number of restaurants focused on upgraded U.S. cooking, with newcomers like City Tavern and P.S. 310 jockeying for customers with the likes of Akasha and Ford’s Filling Station. And though it has a great traditional red-sauce slice at Vito’s, the main drag is so far devoid of a devoted specialist of authentic pizza. This Monday, WildCraft Sourdough Pizza seeks to remedy this issue with its own wood-fired pies, opening at 11:30 A.M. to employ the proprietary wild sourdough starter of Tin Vuong, executive chef at Abigaile, whose partners Jed Sanford, Chris Stone, and Michael Barson are also behind the new business.

Wildcraft will serve lunch and dinner, with small plates, salads, and sandwiches making up much of its menu, along with Abigaile’s own beer and boutique wine labels on tap. This is not part of the new rage of design-it-yourself, assembly-line pies, but a full-service sit-down restaurant.


This slow-rising dough-slinger cites Neapolitan pizza as its primary influence, with local market toppings cast about its spherical face and fired in a Ferrara oven built back in The Boot. We’re yet to glimpse a full menu, but so far, have learned that Vuong will feature this pizza, called “Carnage” and featuring an unholy army of pork preps like porchetta, Calabrese salame, pancetta, fennel sausage, and provolone cheese on top. Here you can glimpse the style above gracing a leopard-spot-speckled base.

Wildcraft Sourdough Pizza opens at 11:30 A.M. this coming Monday at 9725 Culver Blvd. Culver City; 310-815-8100.

Wildcraft Sourdough Pizza Opens Monday in Culver City