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Kids Find Something To Laugh About at Wienerschnitzel Besides the Name

Not touching this one...
Not touching this one… Photo: BrenBot/Flickr

As if the burdened youth of this country don’t already have to suppress great peals of laughter over the name when dining at Wienerschnitzel, now they’re being confronted with images of naked adults at the restaurant. CBS spreads the word that a San Diego location of the frankfurter chain recently embraced the already curious idea of releasing a calendar for kids, in which famous movie posters were augmented with images of dogs. One of the months spoofed Jaws, complete with the famous image of a nude woman swimming above the barbed teeth of a Great White shark. The artist had the wherewithal to change the shark into a dog, but instead of covering the disrobed swimmer, he merely covered her naked body with a sticker, clearly overlooking the fact that colorful adhesives are, by design, not exactly kid-proof.

As expected, a three-year-old was the first to find the nude drawing. It’s certainly not that graphic or anything, but this being the litigation-prone playing field of fast food controversies, his parents are having a cow.

“We were a little surprised to find out when we got home that he had peeled the sticker off one of the insert posters and showed what appeared to be a naked lady underneath,” outraged dad, Dallas Stewart, tells the station. “Me and my wife, we couldn’t believe it, and the more we looked at it, the more shocked we became.”

Ostensibly, the nation will get over this and maybe the child still has a shot at a normal adolescence. But as to why the sausage chain was giving away a lame calendar in the first place? You can probably blame the anti-Happy Meal toy contingent for that one.

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Kids Find Something To Laugh About at Wienerschnitzel Besides the Name