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What to Eat at Firecakes Donuts, Now Open

Lemon verbena meringue doughnuts at Firecakes.
Lemon verbena meringue doughnuts at Firecakes. Photo: courtesy Firecakes Donuts

In the second doughnut shop opening in 24 hours, we introduce Firecakes Donuts, launched by longtime industry vet Jonathan Fox (La Madia, Maggiano’s, Corner Bakery, Pump Room, Printers Row, Le Francais) and co-owner Tony Bardwell at 68 West Hubbard. And how’s this for a cool historical backstory: Fox’s recipe is built on (with a little modern chefly tinkering) “an heirloom recipe that his wife’s great-grandfather, Billy Hobbs, created in the early 1900s as a baker at a logging camp in northern Wisconsin. Hobbs’ original metal donut cutter is on display at Firecakes.” The opening menu has 10 different doughnuts (yeast and cake) in recipes ranging from buttermilk old fashioned to triple Valrhona chocolate and lemon verbena meringue, which run $2-$3 each. They also have La Colombe coffee and espresso. The shop will open at 8 a.m. every day and stay open till the doughnuts are all gone; see the opening menu below.


Triple Valrhona Chocolate Cake $2.75
Chocolate Iced $2.50
Buttermilk Old Fashioned $2.00
Honey Glazed $2.25
Classic Jelly $3.00
Lemon Verbena Meringue $2.75
Coconut Cream $2.50
Chocolate Hazelnut Long John $2.75
Butterscotch Praline $2.50
Apple Fritter $3.00

La Colombe Coffee $2.00
La Colombe Espresso $2.00
La Colombe Latte $3.00
Organic Milk $2.00

What to Eat at Firecakes Donuts, Now Open