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Solomonov and Company to Lay Harlem Shake to Rest at Alla Spina’s Industry Night

This Harlem Shake thing’s sure been fun, and no doubt the worldwide restaurant community’s warm embrace of the viral video phenomenon has certainly extended its shelf life. But let’s face it, it’s run its course. But if you insist on getting one last go of it before it’s been completely shaken out, you’re in luck. Turns out that Michael Solomonov, Stephen Cook and a crew combined from the ranks at Zahav, Percy Street BBQ, and Federal Donuts are rolling up on Alla Spina’s Industry Night party on Monday with a mission to put all this Harlem Shaking business to rest once and for all. Check out Solo busting fresh moves in the latest edition of “The Weekly Wildy,” where Vetri beverage guru Steve Wildy single-handedly shakes the craze to death.

But before bidding the web-spawned folly a fond farewell, they are giving it a proper send off. The Solo + Cook team are bringing along Zahav Laffa and shiskebabs, Percy Street brisket sliders, and the infamous Federal Donuts donut robot for fresh, hot doughnuts fried a la minute. Alla Spina will have “Beer-B-Q” rib sandwiches, maple fried chicken bocconcini, and squid and saffron fregola. Of course Harlem Shakes will be available at the bar, as well as Israeli Gold Star Lagers, Dale’s Pale Ale, and Arcadia Sky High cans.

As usual, the food is free, the drinks are cheap, and a recent pay stub from a restaurant gets you in the door. But in twist befitting Harlem Shake’s expiration, guests are encouraged to come in costume. Those who arrive all duded up will be rewarded with a complimentary beer.

Solomonov and Company to Lay Harlem Shake to Rest at Alla Spina’s Industry