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Sherry Yard Takes on Hostess at Father’s Office

The “OMG Cookie” Photo: Zagat

Sherry Yard, the legendary Spago pastry chef who recently decamped from Puck’s place to breathe life back into the Helms Bakery complex with Sang Yoon, is now offering her own Helms-branded treats at Father’s Office in Santa Monica.

Zagat spies three treats hanging around Yoon’s blackboard and priced from one to three bucks, including a sort of take on a Hostess HoHo called a “Do Ho,” an ice cream and banana cream pop, and a sugar-coated cookie called an “OMG” that will hopefully get picked up by ROFL Cafe someday for a superlative collision of edible texting acronyms.

So just as Pabst Blue Ribbon ventures to command production of our Chocodiles and Ding Dongs, it may face some stiff competition from the revolutionized Helms once the mighty upstart re-opens its doors this fall.

Sherry Yard’s Helms Bakery Sweets Now Available at Father’s Office [Zagat]

Sherry Yard Takes on Hostess at Father’s Office