Southwark Rolls Out the Welcome Mat For Peter Serpico

Peter Serpico a the James Beard Awards 2009
Peter Serpico a the James Beard Awards 2009 Photo: Patrick McMullan

If you buy into that whole Philly inferiority complex, perhaps you too were a bit miffed by Peter Serpico’s recent Q+A with Bon Appetit’s Matt Duckor. And if so, that’s truly a shame. Do you honestly believe that the former top lieutenant of David Chang’s empire would move here, and risk the entire next chapter of his career if he really thought we were all a bunch of mouth-breather, cheesesteak-eating rubes? One person who clearly was not offended by all this talk of Philly being family-oriented, and home to big-box restaurants is Southwark chef Nick Macri. In fact, he’s rolling out the welcome mat for Serpico next week with a special dinner at the restaurant. But he emphasizes that it is not a collaboration.

Macri and the Southwark crew will host Serpico for one night on Monday, March 4, from 5:30 to 10 p.m. A special a la carte menu will be on for the chef’s visit (it’s pasted below), and Macri is saying reservations are strongly encouraged. Call (215) 238-1888 to book a table.


Clams, fennel, chive, basil, lemon
Shaved Brussels sprouts, anduja, grilled bread, mustard oil, fresh water chestnut
Puffed potatoes, bacon, scallion
Smoked eel croquets, grated apple, lime, eel broth
Steamed egg custard, herbs, brown butter


Roasted Duck, heirloom carrot, honey, coriander, thyme $26

Chicken, braised snail, garlic, parsley, parsnip purée $20

Slow roasted pork shoulder, shaved radishes, jalapeño, cilantro $23

Roasted fluke, crispy potatoes, seaweed, kale, coconut, green curry $24


Chocolate pudding, marshmallow, walnuts, condensed milk $7

Pretzel panna cotta, almond milk, shortbread $7

Southwark Rolls Out the Welcome Mat For Peter Serpico