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This Is Not a Pop-Up Moving To Tiago, Teasing Us With Foie Gras

Kyle Schutte's oyster Po'boy with tomato jam, spicy remoulade, and pickled lemon zest
Kyle Schutte’s oyster Po’boy with tomato jam, spicy remoulade, and pickled lemon zest

This Is Not a Pop-Up, the chef incubator providing a stage for local chefs to pursue their passion projects, announces its transfer from Square One to Tiago Espress Bar + Kitchen in Hollywood this week. The roster for the next two weeks include D’Cache chef Phillip Frankland Lee commanding dishes like sea urchin and green mussel ceviche with crispy maitake, avocado mousse, and tomato extract and a 900-degree egg with chorizo and Russian caviar from February 28 to March 3, followed by Kyle Schutte cooking a menu called “Pressurized to Vaporized,” and Wolfgang Puck Catering head Barbara Brass focused on Italian recipes from March 14-17.

And while Lee is promising “faux gras” on his menu, the organizers of This Is Not a Pop-Up are courting controversy and connoiseurs alike by spreading the word that “we may or may not be giving away foie gras this week.” Yes, and you “may or may not” be inundated with PETA zealots this week.

The new location includes $5 parking after 6:00 P.M., with the format of $50 menus and BYOB still in place. Check out Lee and Schutte’s full menus below and find reservations for any of This Is Not a Pop-Up’s dinners at 323-451-1767.

Phillip Lee
February 28-March 3


Sea urchin and Green mussel Cebiche w/ crispy Maitake, avocado mousse and tomato extract.

900 Degree Hens Egg w/ grilled Spanish chorizo, wild mushroom purée, Russian caviar and pistachio

Strawberry and Champagne salad
Pickled cucumber noodles, red wine poached figs, onion soubise, cave aged Stilton blue, Marcia almonds, with strawberry and champagne gazpacho

Oven roasted Salmon w/ sweet cornx2 and baby beetsx3

Pan fried pound cake w/ lemon curd and blueberries

Off-menu: House made cheese, charcuterie, and “faux” gras course

Kyle Schutte
S5 Tasting [Pressurized to Vaporized]
March 7-10


Charred Octopus…meyer lemon, fermented black garlic, peruvian chili powder, pea tendrils

Roots & Bulbs…toasted celery, blood orange

Beef Heart…fried potato, egg yolk vinaigrette, shiso, mustard, thai basil

Squab…vanilla, cucumber, cherry

Skyy-Poached Apple…thyme crumble, lighter than air cider, sour jello

This Is Not a Pop-Up Moving To Tiago, Teasing Us With Foie Gras