New Dengeo’s in Uptown… Isn’t. Meet Palla’s Grill

Dengeo's, not at Broadway & Wilson.
Dengeo’s, not at Broadway & Wilson. Photo: courtesy Dengeo’s

A few months back we mentioned a report in the Uptown Update that the north shore’s Dengeo’s, one of the better old school Greek burger/family restaurant spots, was moving to Uptown. Well, the location (the former Best Steak House at Broadway and Wilson) is open, but it’s not a Dengeo’s and pretty much was never going to be a Dengeo’s— it’s called Palla’s Grill. Apparently the owner, George Goumas, had the help of Dengeo’s management in planning his restaurant, and somehow that got blown up into “Dengeo’s opening soon.” Not that it matters a whole lot, most likely, given how similar these places tend to be… and Uptown Update seems satisfied with what they tried:

The new restaurant is light, modern and airy, with booths, tables and TVs. The staff is warm and friendly…. the food is worth waiting for. In honor of George’s Greek heritage (and accent), I had gyros and baklava. Both were outstanding. My companion tried the silver dollar pancakes, which were pronounced equally delicious.

[Uptown Update]

New Dengeo’s in Uptown… Isn’t. Meet Palla’s Grill