Los Globos Considers Changing To Placate Angry Silver Lake Neighbors

How will the beat survive?
How will the beat survive? Photo: Los Globos

Tough-as-nails nightlife don Steve Edelson is finally caving into neighbors’ demands to tone down the offenses at Los Globos, the Silver Lake club where he had to temporarily ban dancing and close the first floor following residents’ complaints last fall. Patch reports that the club’s permanent entertainment, dance, and music permits are currently under consideration by The L.A. Police Commission and Edelson and crew are trying their best to make nice with the neighborhood. The team is a frequent sight at Neighborhood Council meetings, is now hosting more “mature” live shows, and is volunteering a long list of suggestions that could put a damper on the establishment’s spirit but ensure that licenses are approved.

Among the sixteen regulations Edelson suggests his company starts enforcing at the property is an offer to paint the jet-black exterior a brighter shade, limit after-hours parties to weekends and holidays, ban liquor from the outdoor patio (which would now close at midnight), provide additional parking, and turn off the building’s flashing lights.

Tonight, the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Board will get together to draft their own conditions for which they would endorse the club getting its full permits, which will then fall to the Police Commission to make the final call, possibly as early as this week. Current recommendations suggest giving Los Globos a two-year permit to operate, with reviews given every six months. Edelson, meanwhile, tells Patch it’s hard to envision any solution pleasing the neighbors. But hey, it sounds like he really is trying.

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Los Globos Considers Changing To Placate Angry Silver Lake Neighbors