Abbot Kinney Annihilation: Glencrest BBQ Farewell Party Today; Jin Patisserie Closing Late March

Glencrest B.B.Q.
Glencrest B.B.Q. Photo: Yo! Venice!

Rising rents are about to leave a few noticeable holes in Venice’s trendiest street. It started with the news last summer that Jin Patisserie, home to Kristy Choo’s beloved macarons, chocolates, and tea garden, was relenting to its landlord’s insane pecuniary demands. The news was followed closely by the closures of Lily’s and Chocovivo, along with the word that stalwart Glencrest BBQ was fleeing the scene itself. Today, Yo! Venice! reports that a 4:00 P.M. farewell party will be held at the latter, with local organizers encouraging fans to “bring signs, posters, music, whatever you want to bring to show your appreciation” for the Featherstone family who have worked the street for 25 years.

A little further east, L.A. Magazine’s Digest spies Jin Patisserie planning to wrap it up on March 24, though Choo is in the process of searching for a new home. Pop-ups are likely in the works, as well, while some of Jin’s truffles will still be available for order through its website.

As for Abbot Kinney, who really knows what fate has in store for the so-called “coolest block in America?” Gjelina and Tasting Kitchen continue to be steady draws for good reason, while a new project may possibly overtake Wabi Sabi, David Reiss is developing his next concept here, and the owners of Gjelina have their own plans for a new restaurant.

Still, with rents hitting five figures in some cases, it seems a little too likely for comfort that the street could eventually contract Melrose syndrome, with all of the boutiques and indies that originally made it cool in the first place heading for the hills, leading to interest eventually waning amid a surge of name-brand crap.

As for its fleeing businesses, Venice’s losses will likely be Culver City and Mar Vista’s gains.

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Abbot Kinney Annihilation: Glencrest BBQ Farewell Party Today; Jin Patisserie