Japanese Soba and Offal Pop-Up Coming Next Week to KronnerBurger

Sylvan Mishima Brackett
Sylvan Mishima Brackett Photo: Courtesy of Peko Peko

Sylvan Mishima Brackett, the talented guy behind Peko Peko as well as being Alice Waters’s go-to artisan printer, is bringing his love of Japanese soba noodles and peasant cuisine to a one-night-only pop-up at KronnerBurger at Bruno’s next Thursday, February 21. So yes, it’s basically a pop-up within a pop-up. As the East Bay Express reports, Brackett will be joined by Kanji Nakatani, a chef from Japan who runs two small soba restaurants (Soba Ro and Soba Ra) in the Saitama prefecture; Nancy Singleton Hachisu, a writer and organic farmer who lives in Japan; and Chikara Ono of Oakland izakaya B-Dama. Nakatani is also here doing a four-course soba lunch at Chez Panisse on February 24.

They’ve dubbed the event Mottainai-kai, which translates to “every little bit,” because in addition to soba they’ll be doing dishes with fish heads, guts, and various vegetable skins and parts that would normally be discarded — things like sun-dried daikon skins and pickled wasabi root tops.

Tickets to the Bruno’s party are available here. They’re $37.50, not including sake or beer, and the event will be structured like a cocktail party, without table service.

Oakland Chefs to Cook ‘Every Little Bit’ for Japanese Pop-Up in SF [EBX]
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Japanese Soba and Offal Pop-Up Coming Next Week to KronnerBurger