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Abandon All Hope: In-N-Out Burger Has No Big Expansion Plans

Staying out of reach.
Staying out of reach. Photo: Peter Fuchs/Flickr

Hold on to your Shake Shacks and Five Guys, everybody, because In-N-Out is not coming your way anytime soon. In a rare interview with Orange County Register, secretive company scion Lynsi Torres makes it plainer than a Bible verse on a paper cup when she says, “We’re definitely not franchising, and we’re not going to sell.” The 30-year-old heiress, who spends her free time and family fortune on a passion for drag-racing, explains that the company has purposefully plodded slow out of the gate to maintain their famously never frozen food, daily baked buns, and hand-sliced fries. To keep its focus on freshness, every new In-N-Out has to stay close to the company’s distribution centers in Dallas and Baldwin Park, the main reason In-N-Out has only expanded to five states in 65 years.

“I really feel responsible to maintain those things that my family instilled in this company,” Torres tells the paper. “That’s challenging because the temptation is to cut corners and change things here and there and do what everyone else is doing.”

So there you have the bad news, guys. No national expansion and definitely no Doritos-flavored anything.

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Abandon All Hope: In-N-Out Burger Has No Big Expansion Plans