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In-N-Out Burger Breeds 30-Year-Old Billionairess CEO

Warren Buffet wants a piece
Warren Buffet wants a piece Photo: Phillie Casablanca/Flickr

The forces behind In-N-Out Burger are most mysterious, with few snoops getting a glimpse behind the burger chain’s privately-owned curtain. Today Bloomberg Businessweek ventures a guess, honing in on whispers surrounding Lynsi Torres, the CEO, President, and First Granddaughter to In-N-Out. This 30-year-old scion was recently named the youngest female billionaire in the U.S., with a fortune valued somewhere over the ten-figure mark. The mysterious Torres has been married three times, doesn’t hold a college degree, is really into drag-racing, and inherited about half of the company following the (often untimely) deaths of several of her older relatives, some of whom she’s been entangled with in recent legal challenges to the chain’s methodical, if leaden, expansion.

Trying to build a picture of the powerful Torres, news reporters have hit a stone wall and find her mostly elusive. One prominent restaurant consultant that worked with the brand tells Bloomberg, “I have no clue about her…I was even surprised there was a granddaughter.” Torres for her part, seems to want to remain a mystery, too, refusing interviews and skipping out on meetings with In-N-Out biographer Stacy Perman.

Of course, with human nature pushing people to want what they can’t have or grasp conceptually, Torres’ and her company are both in serious demand. Even Warren Buffet is interested in controlling what In-N-Out is serving, famously telling UCLA business students he’d like to own the burger business himself.

Alas, money can’t buy everything, dear Warren. But maybe you’ll luck out once Lynsi’s looking for husband number four.

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In-N-Out Burger Breeds 30-Year-Old Billionairess CEO