El Bulli

El Bulli Reopening for the Sake of Method Acting

Ferran finds his light.
Ferran finds his light. Photo: Melissa Hom

El Bulli, the now-closed bull’s-eye of modern food fetishists, is going to reopen for a full month in the near future. And no, you still won’t be able to get in, as the restaurant is not exactly making itself available to the public. The Catalonia home to Ferran Adrià’s endless culinary experimentation and avant-garde eccentricities closed in 2011 but will reportedly spring back to life to aid the production of a fictionalized film based on the restaurant’s final year in business, adapted from Lisa Abend’s book, A Season in the Kitchen at Ferran Adrià’s El Bulli. According to the Daily Meal, the restaurant’s reemergence is being staged specifically for the yet-to-be-cast actors to immerse themselves in Adrià’s world, upping the odds that the speriphied olives may be juggled at some point by Javier Bardem (or whoever ultimately plays Adrià).

Naturally, this brings about the question of whether El Bulli will continue its many mind games with future false starts and stops, becoming a sort of restaurant version of the Stones and their legendary farewell tours (rumors have previously suggested El Bulli would return in various permutations only to turn out wrong).

So far, dates are not set for the four-week reopening. But if you happen to be a bilingual actor with an incredible resemblance to Adrià, now is probably the time to get in front of a casting director. Just please remember to extensively document every dish with your digital camera for the rest of us who remain locked outside.

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El Bulli Reopening for the Sake of Method Acting