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Introducing B’klyn Burro, Which Will Gladly Show New York How Real Burritos Are Made

Suiza time.
Suiza time. Photo: B’klyn Burro

“New Yorkers don’t know the difference between carne asada and carnitas,” writes San Francisco–based site the Bold Italic. “They aren’t capable of coaxing the deep flavors of chile verde out of their pork, and they probably think avocado can substitute for guacamole in a burrito.” The site may not really have a dog in this fight, but it duly notes it does have faith in Bay Area expat Pepe Urquijo, a documentary-maker living now in Brooklyn who so missed Mission District burritos that he began a quest to open his own taqueriá and even flew in a guy named Feliz, who has fifteen years of West Coast experience, to be his chef at B’klyn Burro, his brand-new endeavor.

“A burrito brought into this world without tinfoil is an impostor,” wrote Urquijo, chronicling his quest for authenticity, a process that even involved putting up flyers in San Francisco during his quest for a taquero. Now that Feliz is settled in and the menu is set, you can test its claims of authenticity and/or have your mind blown at a number of pop-ups as a prelude to its brick-and-mortar launch. Check them out at Hanson Dry this weekend; New Yorkers, the game plan for your new life begins here.

B’klyn Burro
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Introducing B’klyn Burro, Which Will Gladly Show New York How Real