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Bill Daley On Making Pies Via Twitter

Photo: courtesy Tribune

If you follow Trib writer Bill Daley on Twitter, you may have noticed that he’s been making a few pies. That’s a little joke; Friday night, when everyone else was out carousing, your Twitter feed was likely to consist entirely of two or three dozen tweets with photos by Daley, minutely documenting his late night efforts to master the art of pastry:

I didn’t do this for ego. It was a disguised call for help. I reasoned if I started doing something wrong, someone would step forward amid the snickers and offer assistance.

It worked; some of the experts who tweeted their tips include chef Matthias Merges and pie cookbook author Nancie McDermott. The results of his social media research are finally in, in a Trib article with how-to video/slideshow— first in a series?— that is full of solid pie knowledge (though we’re firmly believers in doing the smooshing part inside a bag, not directly with your hands, but hey, there are many right answers) and sure to improve anyone’s pie capabilities. [Tribune]

Bill Daley On Making Pies Via Twitter