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Here Are 17 of the Internet’s Best Food-Themed Harlem Shake Videos

Photo: Youtube

While there actually is a hamburger joint called Harlem Shake opening up — in Harlem, naturally — any day now, there’s also this viral video phenomenon to contend with, which combines a sort of third cousin to the uptown dance and a Bauuer song, that was released last year. Everyone and their mother has been uploading their own Harlem Shake videos in the last few weeks, recorded in offices, parking lots, dorm rooms, and elevators, so it was only a matter of time before a few restaurants got into the act. Check out a whole MenuPages-worthy multiverse of tabletop dancers and demented dishwashers, just ahead.

Filmed, appropriately, at a Haarlem, Netherlands, Burger King. Props to the Whopper for keeping it all together.

Gumby, Fat Superman, a guy in a KISS mask, and a rare appearance from Donatello.

What is going on in the kitchen at Friends & Family in Pearisburg, Virginia? That lady playing the string mop is clearly holding it the wrong way.

At Starbucks. Ranks only because of the two dancing bananas.

A lady in a bikini and a Guy Fawkes mask. Wonder how the hacktivists feel about that.

Demented penguins and championship goalies: This is how they do it at Burger Bar on Crescent in Montreal.

There are two paths for the Harlem Shake at McDonald's. One involves frat guys and the strangulation of armless mannequins.

The other involves seizures.

Actually, wait, scratch that. Team Jacob's posse does it in the drive-through.

Culinary students make a valiant but sloppy effort.

Like John Lennon once sang, instant ramen's gonna get you.

Starbucks, once more, with feeling.

Scenes from a Chinese restaurant.

Mexican restaurant. One of the originals. Sad for the fact that Santa Claus is beating a doppelgänger with a baseball bat. Feel better, Santa doppelgänger!

Even white-tablecloth professionals get down.

From the prep kitchen of Las Cascadas Mexican restaurant in Spring, Texas. With bonus security camera footage.

Spider-Man at 7-Eleven, nobody knows who you are, and that's probably a good thing.
Here Are 17 of the Internet’s Best Food-Themed Harlem Shake Videos