Rose Avenue Making Space For New Restaurant; Wabi-Sabi Renovating

Wabi-Sabi Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Rose Avenue stepped into a strange new world of wire-rimmed glasses, baby Bjorns, and button-down Oxfords when Venice Beach Wines opened in 2008, leading to an explosion last year that added Superba, Cafe Gratitude, and Hostaria del Piccolo and spurring talk of the street playing the “new” Abbot-Kinney. Rose has been packed with potential for years, but the lack of commercial space had us wondering how big an expansion could really go. Now Venice Patch lets us know that the Ace Trophy Company is being bi-sected to accommodate a new farm-to-table restaurant, currently in the permitting process and without a name. “Farm-to-table,” especially in Venice, is a little too buzzy to get a grip on, but the Venice Neighborhood Council is deciding on the proposal, so soon we should know more.

Back on the “old” Abbot-Kinney, Yo! Venice! confirms that long-rumored changes are indeed coming to longstanding Japanese restaurant and former Ricardo Zarate-employer, Wabi-Sabi, which has a new floor plan for a sweeping renovation to come.

New Restaurant Likely Sprouting on Rose Avenue [Patch]

Rose Avenue Making Space For New Restaurant; Wabi-Sabi Renovating