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Don’t Call Wing Bowl’s Wingettes ‘Slutty’

Celebrity Wingette Mary Carey is not a slut.
Celebrity Wingette Mary Carey is not a slut. Photo: Michael Persico

There’s no arguing that Wing Bowl’s Wingettes leave little to the imagination when they show up to escort competitors to the stage for the annual pre-Super Bowl competitive eating spectacle. And they rarely fail to provide an exciting eyeful for the legions of drunken, ogling onlookers who turn out to cheer them on. But that doesn’t mean they’re sluts. With the big binge and purge contest coming up this Friday, Inky columnist and sex-positive sexologist Dr. Jill McDevvit is coming out in defense of Wing Bowl’s procession of scantily clad young women.

She says the revealing and sexually provocative get-ups they wear are a perfectly healthy form of sexual expression. And such attire, no matter how revealing, should not be misread as a statement of a woman’s propensity for promiscuous behavior. She labels this type of criticism as “slut-shaming,” and argues that the shamers who engage in it have unresolved sexual repression issues. While her piece clears up the part about the skimpy clothing, it says nothing about what compels any woman — scantily clad or otherwise — to turn out for this epic slob-and-sausage fest.

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Don’t Call Wing Bowl’s Wingettes ‘Slutty’