Introducing the Water Table, a ‘New England–Style Tavern’ in the Middle of New York Harbor

Message in a bottle.
Message in a bottle. Photo: The Water Table

Shuck yeah: Kelli Farwell, who grew up in northern Maine and has put in more than a decade of time at restaurants like Gramercy Tavern, Rye, and DuMont, is buying a tugboat and bringing it back to New York. If all goes as planned, here it’ll become the Water Table, a fixed-priced restaurant that tours the harbor twice a night serving half-shell oysters, lobster rolls, clam chowder, roasts, fry-ups, and more to 35 to 40 passengers at a clip. In the video that accompanies the forthcoming restaurant’s fund-raising campaign, Farwell, who is also a licensed master captain, says the finished Water Table will evoke a New England tavern. Craft beer and cocktails will also be served. For now, you can help float Captain Farwell’s dream, and no barnacle-removal will be asked of potential donors. Check out the whole thing here. [IndieGoGo]

Introducing the Water Table, a ‘New England–Style Tavern’ in