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Here’s That Tim Hortons–Ryan Gosling Coffee Mug You’ve Been Waiting For

His mug on a mug.
His mug on a mug. Photo: TimHortonsUS/Twitter

Good morning! Canadian chain Tim Hortons is introducing a very, very limited-edition movie tie-in: an official Ryan Gosling Gangster Squad coffee cup. The Ontario-born actor gave an interview to movie site in which he professed an admiration for the movie tie-ins of his youth, specifically Burger King’s Dick Tracy soda cups. “I thought I might get a cup out of this deal,” said Gosling. The interviewer suggested the coffee-and-doughnuts chain would be a good fit.

After a writer chimed in that a Gosling noirish mug on the side of a mug was something the world needed badly, the coffee chain promised to look into it, and here is the result: a one-of-a-kind mug that’s being sent to the actor.

Not coming soon to a Tim Hortons near Buffalo.Photo: TimHortonsUS/Twitter

“Hey @BuffaloDotCom, you inspired us to create this one-of-a-kind @RyanGosling mug,” the chain tweeted. “What do u think? It’s on it’s way!”

Ryan Gosling, check your mailbox and enjoy your Gangster Squad tie-in coffee mug! (But don’t tell Sean Penn.) post inspires Ryan Gosling Tim Hortons mug

Here’s That Tim Hortons–Ryan Gosling Coffee Mug You’ve Been