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Thousands of Atlantic City’s Casino Workers to Receive Layoff Notices

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Yikes! The owners of Atlantic Club Casino Hotel, Atlantic City’s last holdout for penny slots, low stakes gambling and cheap buffets, have signaled that as many as 1,729 casino workers in its employ, could soon receive walking papers. Notice of the possible mass layoffs were filed with the New Jersey Department of Labor. We knew the East Coast’s gambling resort was struggling with a bum economy, increased competition from surrounding states that now permit gambling, and most recently, Hurricane Sandy, but we never suspected that things were so bad that entire hotel staffs were in jeopardy.

Not to worry, says The Press of Atlantic City. The papers filed with the state’s labor department is simply a formality that Atlantic Club’s parent Resorts International Holdings is required to file ahead of its pending sale to online gambling goliath Rational Group, which owns web-based entities PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. So, no real shutdown nor layoffs are expected. Still what’s scary is, the owner of online gambling sites is moving in to scoop up a bricks and mortar gambling hall.

Atlantic Club casino files mass-layoff notice, calls it legal formality as part of change of ownership [POAC]

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Thousands of Atlantic City’s Casino Workers to Receive Layoff Notices