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It’s Always Sudsy in Philadelphia: Stone Brewing Co. Rolling Out Dayman-Inspired Ale

Dayman Coffee IPA cometh.
Dayman Coffee IPA cometh. Photo: Courtesy Stone Brewing Company

First came the TV show that proved even more demented than real life on our streets. Then the bar loosely based on it, and named after one of its characters. That spot in Old City will soon see a second location come to life across town. But not before the Dayman beer cometh! That’s right, there’s an It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia beer in the works. California’s Stone Brewing Co. is rolling out what’s being billed as Dayman Coffee IPA, a collaboration brew that’s inspired by and gets its name from one of the most hilarious recurring gags on the hit FX TV show.

According to a status update on the Arrogant Bastard maker’s Facebook, the west coast brewery is teaming with the Illinois-based Two Brothers Brewing Company, and a trio of Chicago-based homebrewers who identify themselves Aleman to produce the coffee-tinged IPA. Those Aleman dudes took top honors at last year’s Iron Brew homebrewing competition with a similar coffee-infused concoction, which led to them being selected to brew Stone’s first collaboration for 2013. The beer will make its debut sometime in early March.

It’s Always Sudsy in Philadelphia: Stone Brewing Co. Rolling Out