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There’s a Sriracha Chocolate Bar! Here Are Fifteen Other Things We Must Add Sriracha To

Listen up, Taco Bell.
Listen up, Taco Bell.

Now that you can get Creamy Sriracha Sauce at Subway, and now that there’s a whole cookbook and blog devoted to the stuff, and the secret is out that this esteemed hot sauce is the best thing to spice up eggs, pizza, or whathaveyou, people are putting sriracha in/on everything. Chocolate, for instance. Someone has even made some sriracha stiletto heels (sauce not included). Allow us to suggest a few more things that would definitely benefit from a dose of rooster sauce.

The KFC Double Down:: It’s an abomination, and it could use a touch of acid and spice to cut through all that fat.

Hot dogs: All hot dogs, no questions asked.

Chocolate cake: Sure, why not?

French fries: Who needs ketchup?

Creamed spinach: A dish that has always needed a little help.

Peanut-butter sandwiches: Instantly turn a drab lunch into something satay-spiced.

The Doritos Locos Taco: Those hot-sauce packets they have at Taco Bell are worthless.

Thanksgiving turkey: Like one giant spicy Buffalo wing.

Big Gulps: If you’re really serious about getting people to stop drinking soda…

Beer: Like a Thai Michelada.

Bacon: Be the first to market with Sriracha bacon, become a millionaire. It’s that easy.

Lip balm: Are you listening, Paula Deen?

The Los Angeles Lakers: Those poor souls need all the help they can get.

J.J. Abrams’s new Star Wars movie: Product placement in a cantina scene!

Tabasco: Sriracha certainly wouldn’t make it worse.

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There’s a Sriracha Chocolate Bar! Here Are Fifteen Other Things We Must