‘Please Draw a Large Octopus on the Bag,’ and Other Seamless ‘Special Instructions’

Special orders don't upset them.
Special orders don’t upset them. Photo: Seamless

As you probably know, restaurant delivery site Seamless deploys all sorts of tactics and strategies to make sure its customers are happy, and one of those includes allowing customers to modify any order with “special instructions.” Sometimes that means “please draw a power ranger on the bag,” Betabeat finds out. Other times it’s just the more straightforward “extra sides of Kung fu ketchup and drugs.” Here are some other gems the site logged in 2012.

• “Draw a zombie ninja fighting a cyborg pirate on the box.”
• “Please draw a dragon fighting a unicorn on the receipt.”
• “Please high-five as many people as possible on your way in.”
• “apartment is in the rear building, if you hurry up a naked chick will 100% answer the door for you. I win.”
• “Come fast, we’re stoned.”

Of course, it’s not all “special instructions.” There are also some warnings:

• “We apologize in advance if the person who answers the door is not wearing pants.”

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‘Please Draw a Large Octopus on the Bag,’ and Other Seamless