Schulzies Bread Pudding Opens, At Long Last, Saturday

Photo: Schulzies

Hayes Valley-ans have been drooling with anticipation over the much-delayed opening of Schulzies Bread Pudding (364 Hayes Street) — the S.F. outpost of the popular Los Angeles “pudding parlor.” But, we promise you, this opening date looks for real-for real. Hayeswire reports that they will open Saturday, January 19, offering up flavors like Better Than All the Rest Bacon Maple, The Very Berry Manilow, Blissed Out Blueberry, and PB & Joy.

Owner Sarah Shulz has cultivated a light recipe that she prefers to serve cold, but there will sometimes be warm options, and the rotating selection of 108 flavors get scooped out of an ice-cream-like case and topped with things like chocolate or caramel sauce, berries, or crumbled cookies.

And as we learned recently, Schulz is actually a fourth generation San Franciscan who relocated to L.A. and was perhaps wise to launch her business there first — part of the reason why it’s taken a year to get this shop open is that she chose a space in a historic building, adding an extra layer of bureaucratic complication to what is already a difficult permitting process in good ol’ S.F.

The soft opening will be 11 a.m. Saturday, and we’ll update you with more info and photos soon. We gather via Facebook that this weekend is still just a “trial run” and hours may not be normal, or lengthy.

And we should note that the Kickstarter campaign Schulz launched two weeks ago to help cover opening expenses is only halfway to its goal.

Schulzies Bread Pudding - 364 Hayes Street - Hours TBA

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Schulzies Bread Pudding Opens, At Long Last, Saturday