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Restaurant That Cried Flood Closed Again Due to Flooding

Rhino Bar
Rhino Bar Photo: Rhino Bar

Here’s why restauranteurs faced with temporary closings should never feign flooding as the reason for shutting down. Rhino Bar, which unseated troubled Fish at 13th and Locust Streets months ago, has been out of commission this week. A sign on the door says a flood is to blame. Foobooz is quick to point out that this the exact reason cited for the restaurant’s brief time-out last May. It turned out that the debilitating deluge was just a red herring to cover the fact that there was a major blowout between the restaurant’s erstwhile founder and chef, Mike Stollenwerk, and investors. Now, mere weeks after the chef’s departure, rising waters are again being blamed for the closing. Suspicious? Just a little.

The Insider tweets that said flooding this time is real, and the bar and restaurant should be bailed out, dried off and ready to rock again next week. If indeed that’s the case, it’s rather unfortunate. And it also tells us that karma is a bitch.

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Restaurant That Cried Flood Closed Again Due to Flooding