Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week and Unsanctioned Deals Inspired By It Kick Off Sunday

Don't forget to tip your servers.
Don’t forget to tip your servers. Photo: iStockPhoto

We know, we know: Restaurant Week has its haters. And it has its champions, too. We’re not taking a side in that ongoing argument. We’re just letting you know that 2013’s first installment of the Center City District’s twice-annual dining out promotion begins Sunday. You know the drill; participating restaurants will offer three or more course menus for $35 during dinner service, and $20 during lunch service. The first leg runs through Friday, January 25, and then picks back from January 27 through February 1. And with Restaurant Week comes the unofficial Shadow Restaurant Week deals.

Starr’s Pizzeria Stella is once again going rogue with Pizza Week. During Restaurant Week’s run, the Headhouse pizzeria will serve pizza, choice of antipasti, salad or appetizer, choice of gelato, and beverage for $30 per person. In South Philly, Le Viet is taking the alt-restaurant week dealage a step further, offering three-course dinners nightly for less than $20. That’s appetizer, entree, and dessert all for just $16.95 per person.

For deal seekers looking to get an even bigger break during Restaurant Week, CityEats is offering a $20 kickback to anyone who books reservations through its site. The catch? You have to punch up a post-meal review to cash in.

And finally, The Industry is providing relief for harried hospitality folks who all to often find themselves overworked and under-tipped during Restaurant Week. The Pennsport bar and restaurant’s chef Pat Szoke is offering specially themed staff meals for customers and hospitality comrades alike to enjoy each night the 10-day dining deal-fest runs. Check the full lineup below.

Chef Szoke’s menu will include:

Sunday, January 20: “Bring it on Baby” - Macaroni and Cheese with Jalapeño breadcrumbs ($6)

Monday, January 21: “Only Two Weeks to Go” - Steak and a glass of red wine ($15)

Tuesday, January 22: “Restaurant Week Sloppy Seconds” - Sloppy Joes ($6) Yards Brawler ($3)

Wednesday, January 23: “Restaurant Week Hump Day” - $3 Draughts, $4 Buffalo Trace shots

Thursday, January 24: “I Can’t Believe It’s Only Thursday” - Meat and Cheese platter ($8) with glass of wine ($5)

Friday, January 25: “The Turn and Burn” - Carnitas Tacos ($6)

Sunday, January 27: “I Need A Hug” - Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup ($6)

Monday, January 28: “Only One Week to Go!” - Steak and a glass of red wine ($15)

Tuesday, January 29: “About to Kick the Bucket” - Bucket-o-Wings ($6) Bucket-o-High Life ($10)

Wednesday, January 30: “Restaurant Week Hump Day, Part Two” - $3 Draughts, $4 Buffalo Trace shots

Thursday, January 31: “Is It Over Yet?” - Jalapeño Bacon Cheese Fries ($6)

Friday, February 1: “I Worked Restaurant Week and All I Got Was Stiffed” - Sausage Sandwich and a beer ($9)
Restaurant Week and Unsanctioned Deals Inspired By It Kick Off Sunday