First Look Into Oleego By Park’s BBQ, Now Open at Downtown’s Figat7th

Park’s BBQ and Don Dae Gam founder Jenee Kim debuted a new concept today called Oleego at the food court of Downtown’s recently revitalized Figat7th mall. Unfortunately, this is not the second coming of her dearly departed LaOn Dining, though the name curiously does translate to “lay on.” Instead, Oleego is a fast-casual, counter-service quick-fix offerings rice bowls to the lunch hour crowd, bearing the look and feel of a Pinkberry, right down to its signage, crisp to-go packaging, and the use yogurt bowls used to hold the rice. It is not easily recognizable as an appendage to Park’s, that well-loved L.A. paragon of gogi gui, except in name only. And what makes on the menu?

Reaching the end of the 30-minute line, we found a back-lit menu of eight straightforward Korean ingredients, including grilled tiger shrimp, pan fried tofu, kalbi, dduk kalbi hamburger steak, and spicy pork, beef, and chicken bulgogi, all offered atop rice with a choice of several toppings for six to eight dollars (kalbi will cost you $12). In addition, there are sauce options like soy, bean paste, and spicy sauce, as well as sides of banchan and chicken soup, amd ven sake to make those trips to Target bearable. So far, the restaurant easily appears to be the most popular choice for lunchers at the budding shopping complex. Take a look at the space and a little of what’s cooking in our slide show look into Oleego by Park’s BBQ.

Oleego by Park’s BBQ, 735 S. Figueroa St. Downtown; 213-614-9090.

Now open at Figat7th.
Were already up to 30 minutes on opening day.
Served atop rice
Is shared with Oleego’s Indian food neighbor Indus.
First Look Into Oleego By Park’s BBQ, Now Open at Downtown’s Figat7th