Seven Noodle-Makers Coming to The Viceroy For First Annual Noodle Bowl Fest, February 10 in Santa Monica

Tsukemen at Tsujita
Tsukemen at Tsujita Photo: Maveric2003/Flickr

From the 626 to Little Osaka, noodles have been all the rage in L.A. over the last few years. On February 10, the fever will reach a pitch at The Inaugural Noodle Bowl Fest at Santa Monica’s Viceroy Hotel. We know what you’re thinking: The Viceroy is as far as it gets from the city’s acknowledged apices of noodling. Still, the event sounds promising, bringing together seven restaurants to produce their best noodle dishes from around the world, while plucking a few authentic noodle-makers from Thai Town, San Gabriel, and Little Osaka along the way.

Din Tai Fung, Taipei’s famous purveyor of soup dumplings with a U.S. address in Arcadia, will be there with its niu rou mian beef noodle soup, Rodden will come from Thai Town with a duck noodle soup, and Tsujita, Sawtelle’s packed tsukemen house, will also appear with its tonkotsu ramen.

Also joining the affair is Oinkster/Maxmiliano chef-owner Andre Guerrero with a Filipino chicken noodle soup inspired by his mama, M.B. Post’s David LeFevre with brisket and oxtail pho, and Seoul Sausage with a Korean budae jigae, using braised pork belly and its own spicy pork sausage. Tony DiSalvo, of The Viceroy’s Whist, will also handmake his own dough for Korean kimchi sujebi.

Meanwhile, Singha will be on brew patrol and Karlsson’s Gold vodka will make the cocktails. The event will be serenaded by Street Symphony and benefit Hollywood’s homeless youth non-profit My Friend’s Place.

The Noodle Bowl Fest is scheduled for February 10, from 4:00 to 7:00 P.M., with $45 tickets available through January 31 on The Noodle Fest’s website (prices go up to $55 thereafter). Parking will be provided at The Viceroy for $8.00, about fifty cents less than a bowl of lamb soup with hand-torn noodles at Alhambra’s 101 Noodle Express.

Seven Noodle-Makers Coming to The Viceroy For First Annual Noodle Bowl Fest,