News Clearance Sale! Bub City, La Pasadita, BellyQ & Fish Bar Must Go!

Lots of news that maybe isn’t quite big enough for a standalone item, but is worth a peek… Item number one: Bub City is now doing lunch. As of a few hours ago. File that for next week when you’re bored at work and barbecue or shellfish might be just the thing.

• Item number two: BellyQ announces its Happy Belly Menu, that is, happy hour eats. Monday through Friday, 4:30 to 6:30 in the bar, you’ll find noshes like tea smoked chicken wings, Thai Chicken Bunwich, blackened chickpeas and more, all going for a mere $3 to $4. There’s a special featured sake, too.

• For eons Chowhounds and LTHers held it as gospel that the east side La Pasadita was the one to go to of the three near Ashland and Division— specializing in a very short menu of steak tacos and barbacoa, much online pixelage was devoted to making the case that it was the best one, compared to its two siblings just across the street. (We thought there was something to this, but all three joints fell within a level of variation that could make one better than the others on a given day.) Oh well, doesn’t matter now— the east side one has closed. So now which, northwest or southwest La Pasadita? [h/t Josh Steinfeld]

• Looks like Alimentari, the Italian joint next to Avec which didn’t get very good reviews, has given up the ghost, too, leaving the landlord on the hook for a lot of back rent. [Eater]

• Good day for fish soup? From now until February, mention “Shedd” and Fish Bar will donate 20% of the price of soup to Shedd Aquarium. They’re also selling raffle tickets ($5) to win a behind the scenes tour for two of the Shedd.

News Clearance Sale! Bub City, La Pasadita, BellyQ & Fish Bar Must Go!