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Here We Go Again: Corbett Zeroing In On Plans to Cut Pennsylvania’s Liquor Stores Loose

See you in hell, state store.
See you in hell, state store.

Strap yourselves in, folks. We’re in for another thrilling ride down the PLCB-privatization pike. And it sounds like Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett’s taking the wheel this time, and he has plotted a course for putting the state’s liquor stores in the rear-view. Granted, nothing official has been announced, but citing super-secret sources with first-hand knowledge, the Inky this morning reports that a plan is materializing to kill off state stores, turn booze and wine sales over to beer distributors, and allow supermarkets, convenience stores and big-box retailers sell beer and wine.

So far this seems like the most plausible solution for Corbett to make good on his campaign promise of getting Pennsylvania out of the booze business. And with a solid strategy for bringing beer distributors into the equation, it could be a slam-dunk. Or is this just more chest puffing from Corbett, who is facing an increasingly turbulent reelection bid? And you know that Pennsyltucky’s teetotaling conservatives, who would prefer that the state continues inconveniencing drinkers in pursuit of a buzz, aren’t going to get on board too quickly. Where’s the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1776, the union that represents the 3,000 PLCB workers whose jobs are on the line, in all of this? They weren’t even included in the discussion.

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Here We Go Again: Corbett Zeroing In On Plans to Cut Pennsylvania’s Liquor