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N/Naka Offering $55 Sunday Benefit Dinners

Uni at N/Naka
Uni at N/Naka Photo: N/Naka

If costs are keeping you from experiencing one of L.A.’s most enchanting kaiseki restaurants, we come bearing encouraging news. N/Naka, the sublime study of seasonal Japanese cuisine run by virtuoso Niki Nakayama in Palms, is running a special $55 five-course menu called “Eat/Give/Hope” every Sunday from January 27 through February 10.

An optional $30 fee will add wine pairings from the restaurant’s charismatic, sage sommelier Jeffrey Stivers to the menu. 100% of proceeds from this series will go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and Nakayama will invite anyone who makes a direct donation of $200 to an upcoming chef’s tasting dinner.

Basically, everybody wins. You get an unrivaled dining experience of entrancing plates at one of L.A.’s most dynamic Japanese restaurants for more than half off the usual prices and can feel good supporting an important cause. Reservations for one of the three Sunday dinners at N/Naka can be made at 310-836-6252.

N/Naka Offering $55 Sunday Benefit Dinners